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Hmm maybe when I post pictures of homestuck cosplayers that I took… I should tag them all “homestuck” instead of “homestruck”…. hmmm…
.well that’s all fixed on my tumblr now, they are all tagged with homestuck on my tumblr, so you can see all of the ones i’ve posted on tumblr at my

Also you can see pictures from other animes & fandoms I’ve taken on my page if you search certain tags on my page, like

one piece



“Puella magi madoka magica” & various other ones.

 & of course there’s the tags for Katsucon, animeusa, and otakon as well… so yea
Enjoy my pictures and suchlike!
#tbt @lilystiches & @lunachase at #animeusa2011 

#tbt @lilystiches & @lunachase at #animeusa2011 

I realized i never posted the link to all of my Otakon 2013 pics up here, so here it is!

If you see yourself in a pic, or friends of someone you know in a picture please feel free to tag yourself or your friends in those pictures!

Also, I can provide an really nice high resolution Large Print of just about any picture in that album for you if you want, just ask! you can see on ( for examples of some of the larger prints i can do

Of course my Facebook has MOST of the pictures I took… There are some Black Butler pics i only have on my tumblr (check ‘”) and with all of the pics I took at the 2 Attack on Titan shoots I went to, I wasn’t going to flood facebook with all of those either. same goes for the Soul Eater & Dc/Marvel shoot. i’m not going to post a bunch of pics of almost the same thing up, esp when it’ll be like 20 or 30 of almost the same thing.

I’ll probably make up a few photosets for tumblr and post them eventually too… esp since there’s a %95 chance i’m Missing A-usa for the 1st time since i started going to that con in 2006 due to lack of Cash (didn’t have enough time to save up cash again after i just got finished with otakon)  And i’m going to probably post more otakon pics to tie my con thirst over…

So yea…. Enjoy the pics!

#bleach #ichigo #finalgetsuga #getsuga #collage #ausa #animeusa #ausa2012 #animeusa2012 #cosplay #anime-usa

#bleach #ichigo #finalgetsuga #getsuga #collage #ausa #animeusa #ausa2012 #animeusa2012 #cosplay #anime-usa